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„Collaborations“ english Version

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In the project description I show works from my „Collaboration“ with vonUwe).

Credits / Contributors:
Fotograf: Alexander Platz
Designer / Stylist: vonUwe
Make Up / Haar Artistin: Isabel Fink
Models – IG in alphabetical order:

Unlike the German word „Kollaboration“ (collaboration with the enemy), which has a negative connotation, the English word „Collaboration“ means „working together with like-minded people“. Individuals or groups pool their skills to achieve a goal. For this reason, the use of the English „collaboration“ in the respective language has become established in international art and fashion.

In the context of my „art fashion projects“ I like to work with „fashion designers“, models, make-up, hair and fashion stylists. These Free Collaborations „FC“ give me the opportunity to expand and perfect my basic idea through their skills, experiences, worlds of emotions, thoughts, visual dreams.

For me, I divide „Collaborations“ into the equally important sections „Fashion Creation“ and „Artistic Dream Worlds“. This division makes it possible to efficiently implement all the components of the photo „Sittings“. Everyone can achieve the optimum benefit and their own goals. In this way, artistic / commercial demands and economic requirements / constraints are balanced.


Models: @lisa.sophie.baermann @anna_grabowska6

„Fashion Creation“

In the „Fashion Creation“ section, the designer’s vision takes precedence and the representation of the clothes enjoys priority. I link this basic idea to my vision. Such a process is characterised by constructive and sometimes intense discussions, because there is a difference between the designer’s artistic idea and my artistic interpretation. The collaboration with „vonUwe“ is a fine example of this. We are both artists with intense visions and personalities. Accordingly, our conversations were demanding, sometimes hard and emotional. But that is precisely what makes up an artistic creative process. Without conflict, no intense narratives and touching stories emerge. Nevertheless, our discussions always ended with an amused smile in the understanding of the other and an equally common goal.

links: @youssradodi
rechts:  @supersonka.forever 

„Artistic dream worlds“

Model:  @lisa.sophie.baermann

In the artistic dream worlds, on the other hand, the designers step back. They are still present, but only observers.  Here it is all about my vision. The models / the model and I are in sole exchange. Mixing our stories, emotions and ideas. We create a fusion of the dress, the personality and the score for the artistic work (*1)

Model: @anna_grabowska6

While photographing, we follow our common score. It is a kind of emotional dance. We challenge ourselves and „drift in the interpretation of the melody“. This is how our own charisma comes out. The representation and expression outweighs the dress as object and theme. This is the basis of my artistic idea and work.

Model:  @lisa.sophie.baermann

In the subsequent retouching of the pictures I stay in our mood and follow the common „inner music“. The melody builds up to a climax. I intensify shadows, contrasts, colours or tone them down. Post-production is the refinement and materialisation of my story.

Model: @anna_grabowska6

The results are my „works of art“. My emotional view of the world. They touch me and stand for my dreams. That’s what I want for my audience too. Dreams in which we can escape the real world, individually or together. In such dream worlds we revel in our own stories, emotions; our idea of happiness and life.

Model:  @lisa.sophie.baermann

The main goal of photography is to create worlds that touch the audience (*2). However, I -as a visual artist- do not expect the complete adoption and understanding of my vision by the viewers. If my works evoke their own interpretations and dreams and they enter into external communication and internal discourse, I will have achieved my goal.

Reflection, narrative and exchange through my artistic creation.

Model: @anna_grabowska6

Besides my solo projects, the „Free Collaborations“ are a welcome instrument. And I like to use their possibilities.

Alexander Platz


(*1) Paolo Roversi on score in various interviews and documentaries.

(*2) Tim Walker on the goal of photography in various publications and interviews.